Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Go DUKE!

I'm sorry...was that a bit premature?

I was just thinking about basketball season and got a little carried away.

(however, they are having a pretty good football season this year, considering it's DUKE we're talking about)

So, can anybody name that player??

(Besides, my mother, my brother, my father, and my best friend? Hmmm, that's pretty much everyone who reads my blog...maybe i'll let you guys answer...)


Anonymous said...

Of course...he was once the 'love of your life' and you still have a shirt you were wearing the night he autographed it which is taped up tightly in a plastic wrapper so as not to let it fade or be washed or worn or.....But, I won't give away his polish name until some others have a chance to answer.

I relish those memories!
Love you, girl,

mfayn said...

hahaha...i read your blog, as of last week! ;) thanks to you, i can almost spell his name!

Amanda said...

hahahahahaha his name is FAG!!! sorry for the g-rated folks out there:) during this time of year somehow we have always managed to remain best friends!!! gotta say it....GO HEELS!!!! oh and i'll add GO PACK since i did happen to go there :) love ya!

Anonymous said...

This guy is the next American Idol and Melody will text as many times as she can for him to win!

She likes Dukie guys!


Melody said...

so true Dad :)
you know i can't stop that texting!

Vibrant Violet said...

sorry. i have no idea who he is.

obviously no one talked to him about playing leapfrog with a unicorn...