Monday, November 3, 2008

Heighth of Romance

Hey baby, let's me and you go over to taco bell and get us one of them chalupa combos. We'll split it and put two straws in our cup so it's all romantical. I got something i wanna ask you, but i can't do it without the help of my good friend, Hot Sauce. So whadya think? If you say yes, i'll go get you one of them rings out of that plastic machine over there. Didn't wanna jump the gun and waste a perfectly good quarter if you was gonna say no. Three more of them things and i could get me another soft taco.
I think you made a good choice, baby. Let's celebrate with some pintos and cheese. I'll even let ya shift gears in the 'ol pickup on the way back. Mind if i eat that last bite?
(if your eyes are bad, that blurry photo is a pack of hot sauce with "will you marry me?" written on it.)


kelly.renee said...

hahahahahah... i mean i wasnt sure which way you were going with that... i felt a little ebonics in the beginning then it went a little redneck. haha. impressed i am .

christmas magic.... peppermint forest christmas shop. .. that song just played!

Kara Dixon said...


You are too funny!

Sarah said...

It's fun to know what goes on in that cute little head of yours! A little scary - but funny:)