Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend Update

So about the rest of that weekend...

1) Return of the WEB!!! YES! Can i tell you how THRILLED and DELIGHTED i was Saturday evening when i came back home from hanging out with my good, best, gal friend Amanda Renee Parsons, AND THERE WAS A NEW WEB IN THE SAME SPOT!!! Madame Spiney Legs, was sitting there all fat and sassy, hanging over from another good time on the web. Not that my parents have an alcoholic spider chillin on their front porch. If it's at my parents' house, it's abstaining completely. Wow. That just happened.
2) We had a wild and crazy joint birthday party for my mom and dad at my brother's house. Let the good times roll! The best part was that my dad had requested Kenny Chesney's song, Shiftwork, for his birthday. HAHA! You have to know my dad to know how funny that is. So, being the wonderful daughter that i am, i bought him the whole CD. We listened to Kenny and George belt it out while we ate chocolate cake. You should have seen my mom's face when the lyric, "a big 'ol pile of shiiiiiiiiift work!" was sung. She promptly turned to my dad and said with exasperation in her voice, "DON!!!!!"
"What??" he says. "The lady at the gas station always has a bunch of paper-work on the counter when i go in there. Isn't that what this song is talking about? Shiftwork??" My dad is the greatest!!
3) Speaking of my dad, he locked his keys out of the car at Starbucks. My mom and i left to take his keys to him, and right after she stepped out of the house and locked the door, she realized she had the wrong keys. And she couldn't get back in the house because there was no house key on the set she had. Nor was there a key to her car. (i come by it honestly. locked myself out at the bank last month.) Fortunately, we had the key to my car. We drove to Starbucks to meet my dad and explain the situation. To our good fortune, his window was down a healthy inch and a half. "Melody," my mom says, "You have a bunch of junk in your car (thanks mom). Think you've got something we can stick down the window and pop open that lock?" So i go to my trunk, fish around for a few, find a snorkle i had no idea was there, push past the Christmas decorations and my robe from college graduation, and there it is. A thing. And this thing will work perfectly. I have no idea what it is but it's long and has a small 'L' piece sticking out at the bottom. It goes right in the window and ba-da-bing! the door is unlocked! I'm totally going into the business.

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beth said...

hahah.. i love the "hey melody, you have a bunch of junk in your car.." hahah. i can totally hear her saying that. and yes you DID come by it honestly, didnt you?!