Friday, November 14, 2008


Translation: Dear Miss Loss. I am sorry for my dehavior. Tito
This is one of the four apology notes i received from the Kindergarten class today. You see, we usually have PE on Fridays, and they are outside running around, exercising their muscles and their voice boxes. Today, it rained. We did not have PE. We had Spanish. INSIDE. WHILE IT RAINED OUTSIDE. ON A FRIDAY. Unfortunately, several of the Kindergartener's (is that a word??) voice boxes did not get the memo. Instead, i got four apology notes. And yes, i do have a student named Tito (rhymes with Cheeto).


kelly.renee said...

he is my favorite!

Sarah said...

I love it! I think a few staff members probably need to write you aplolgy notes:)

Melody said...

haha! for what? being rowdy during staff meeting so i can concentrate on my lesson plans? KIDDING!!