Wednesday, December 10, 2008

quick overview of my day, yesterday

-practice for the upcoming Christmas Program during regular school hours

-monitor children in afterschool

-young student has an "accident" and is in need of new pants for the duration of afterschool

-afterschool ends

-drive to CVS to pick up a few things before going home

-young child vomits on my pants in aisle 3 of CVS

-i drive home with both windows open trying not to gag until i can get there and dispose of vomit soaked pants.


Hunca Munca said...

Don't worry, if you are around kids long enough you will become impervious to all bodily fluids. It's a little easier when the kids are your own, but it's still gross.

Kara Dixon said...

Whoa! I missed this at lunch talk while I was in Guate. That is CRAZY! So Sorry!