Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Christmas Eve, Oh Christmas Eve!

Today I:

Got up early (for me).

Ate lunch with my parents at F.Futs cafe' downtown Lenoir, NC.
We ordered their special pineapple sandwhiches only to discover half-way through that there was no pineapple on the sandwhich whatsoever. The second half was better with the added pineapple.

Watched my mom make a scene over our table made from a door.

Learned that the Lenoir - to - Hickory bridge was completed on Feb. 22 (my birthday) 1927 (not my birth-year).

Listened to my Winter Songs CD over and over as i wrapped presents.

Cut my finger with the scissors.

Tried on my Nana's mink stole.

Stared at the Christmas tree.

Now I am:

Eating celery with ranch dressing.

Going to our good friends the Moore's house for an evening of delectable food and delightful fun!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Be so Blessed!!!

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