Friday, March 12, 2010

Who are you again?

So a little time has passed since my last blog. Just a little. A smidgen. You probably didn't even notice i was missing. I stepped out, and then i got distracted, and then i found a rabbit trail and decided to hop down it. One thing led to another, and before i knew what was happening, my short vacation turned into a really long holiday. But there was room service, and turn-down service, and a sauna, and chocolates on my pillow, and i mean, come on....can you blame me??? there was chocolate. ON MY PILLOW. Waiting for me to eat it. And nap. i am. Back to reality, and back to my blog :)

Honestly, i have no clue where to begin. So much has happened.

I met someone.
We got married.
We got pregnant.
He found a new job.
I lost my job.
We had a wedding.
We had our baby.
I found a new job.
We moved 5 zillion times (slight exaggeration).

That's putting the long story reealllllly short (like having hair down to your butt, and then going for a buzz-cut). All of these things deserve their own spot in this blog. Something i plan on getting to...when that rabbit trail quits calling my name.

That being said, you can quit holding your breath. I have, indeed, decided to start writing again.


Nicole said...

Hi! We miss you so much! My mom said that can't believe that we still haven't seen the baby!

Melody said...

Nicole!! I miss you so much too!!! I will bring little miss Lorelei to visit before the school year is over...she is excited about meeting everyone :) LOVE YOU!

Nicole said...

Love you too!<3

Ferris Joy said...

busy!!!!!! not as busy as i am doing my homework!!!! someday you will experience that with lorelei!!lol!!!
love you ! also i want to see lorelei sometime!!!