Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, i'm convinced being pregnant has zapped all the creativity from my body. I sit and stare at the screen trying to write, but no words come out. All i can think about is how badly i want some watermelon, and how much i regret eating that many chips and salsa at lunch. Talk about heartburn.
The good news is, i'm still smart! Over Easter, we played some family games, and i won all of them. Feels good to be a winner. Not that i'm saying one should gloat, but when one has a brother who's genius can be compared with that of Einstein and who's mother is equally's nice to occasionally come out on top :)

and, i'm out.

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Anonymous said...


You left out your dad in that Clue game.

Your KNOW that your dad is COOL. I didn't qualify as genius and brilliant.

I'd rather be COOL!

Your Cool Dad,
A Small Towm Southern Man
Bowed his head to Jesus and
Sttod up for Uncle Sam :)