Friday, February 20, 2009

This one time...

-in third grade, i got detention for standing up on the bus.

-when i was 3, my mom made me stay home with my Nana while my brother celebrated his 5th birthday with all his friends at an awesome clown party.

-on the way home from a trip to illinois, i thought the car was on fire, and as soon as my dad pulled the car to a stop, i lept over my grandmother and jumped out the side door, ready to run down the interstate and as far away from the car as possible.

-i threw up chicken noodle soup all over the braided rug on the way to the bathroom. it was my birthday, and i didn't get to have a sleepover party, but i did get the Quince i wanted from my parents (quince, quince, five times more fun, i love taking care of each and everyone! (how scary is it that i remember the theme song??)).

-my brother's best friend drop-kicked me in the stomach. it hurt.

-i had a friend who, when she thought the house we were staying at was being invaded by burglars, grabbed a grapefruit spoon to defend herself with.

-i won the Miss CFS pageant. my best friend told jokes as her talent. the year before, another friend of mine chose to do flips with her leg behind her head as her talent. i sang.

-i slept on the floor next to my brothers bed all night after i'd dreamed that he had died.

-i had to dance with a girl in PE class because i was too short to have a boy partner.

-in 8th grade, a boy brought me a gift from his trip to Disney World, and my parents made me give it back.

-i won a sewing competition. the award was a free trip to sewing camp. whoop-ti-do. i didn't go.

-i wrote a poem for Steve Wojciechowski (former Duke point guard) and mailed it to him.

-my best friend and i burried friendship oaths under a rock in her side yard.

-my math teacher wore an art smock to class with some victorian style boots.....and orange tights.

-my friend and i danced around my basement in my mother's old negligee nightgowns as Hey Jude and Yesterday played over and over again on my keyboard.

-for my 16th birthday, we had a huge party in our basement, and i danced with my crush to This I Promise You by NSYNC.

-my friend and i wrote the following letter to a boy as a joke, but got in trouble for it: "Deer_______, I hate your stinkin' guts! You make me vomit! You are the scum between my toes!" we took it from a Little Rascals movie and thought it was hilarious, but no one else seemed to. where is your sense of humor people??

-in 6th grade i got into a fight with another girl. she grabbed the chalkboard eraser and started hitting me on the head with it. i grabbed a piece of chalk and tried to write on her. my attempts were futile. she accomplished much with her eraser...i accomplished nothing with my wimpy piece of chalk.

-a different math teacher drew for us, on the board, the bruise that she had acquired on her backside. thanks for that.

-i watched meteor showers in below freezing temperatures while i had an abscessed tooth.

-i got a tan. no wait. that never happened.


Beth said...

i had those 5 babies too, and still have the commericial memorized too.. i could even tell you their 5 names i gave them still. but silly.. it's QUINTS... short for quintuplets.

Hunca Munca said...

I liked this, Melody. I'm learning even more about you. :-) Hee hee hee. Wait a minute, too short for a boy dance partner? How does that work? Don't feel bad, I never got a tan either, and I've survived. I loved that you slept on the floor by J's bed all night...that is true sibling devotion. I hope he appreciated that.

The Third One said...

I am in a lot of those aren't I?