Wednesday, January 14, 2009

we're being invaded

Scene: Kindergarten in music class

Students smiling cheerfully and singing Deep and Wide while making coordinating hand motions

Sammy: There's a bug on the floor!

Me: It's ok Sammy, it's dead.

Continue singing song

Sammy: IT'S MOVING!!!

The one legged grasshopper slowly drags itself across the floor


Me: Calm down! It's not going to hurt
anyone! It's just a grasshopper!!


The one legged grasshopper is immediately consumed by the Kleenex in my hand. Death has mercifully arrived for one more insect.

Me: Everyone quietly line up at the door....class is over now.

Tito: (on the way out the door to Sammy) I bet there was an alien inside it.

Aliens...i knew it.

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