Monday, September 22, 2008

In case you were wondering

I used to be obsessed with astronomy. I still love it, i just never seem to have the time to pursue it. When i took the SAT's my senior year of highschool, i put with full confidence in the information section that i was going to study astronomy and one day be an astronomer. I wanted to work for NASA and discover new galaxies, track meteors, and name stars. I spent nights freezing in my sleeping bag, watching my snot turn into snot-sicles, not being able to feel my hands, and unable to talk due to the chattering of my teeth, just to track meteor showers. Once, i endured an abscessed tooth because i didn't want to miss the amazing display to come...and i didn't want to get a bad grade on my astronomy homework. I still get chills (no pun intended) every time i see a shooting star. I just love it. As weird as this sounds, i feel like i'm somehow connected to those bits of asteroids and comets mysteriously shooting across the universe, making themselves brilliantly visible for a mere few seconds before dissapearing and being forgotten forever.
All that to say: this is why there is a section in my blog dedicated to a daily photo from NASA. Enjoy at your own risk :)


JL said...

OK...I like the NASA photos, except when it is nothing but pics of old guys holding records. Come on, sis!

Oh, and let us know about your gas situation. I'm interested. We have canceled classes at CVCC for Friday and Saturday. Nice! I get a day off!

Hunca Munca said...

"As weird as this sounds, i feel like i'm somehow connected to those bits of asteroids and comets..."

You ARE connected. All matter on earth (including the bits that make up our bodies) was once in space...if you think about it for a while it kind of blows your mind!